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Forming and operating a business is a huge undertaking. Corporate structuring, internal operations, external contracts and daily business decisions must be made in a careful manner. To be successful, you need a legal partner who will stand with you during the entire life cycle of your business.

Offering Comprehensive Business Law Services

At the law firm of Clapp Ferrucci, we provide comprehensive legal guidance to businesses in Indianapolis metropolitan region and throughout Indiana. Our attorneys have extensive experience offering a wide range of business law services such as:

Our lawyers have the experience and legal resources to meet you where you need us most. If you are looking to start a business, we can help you determine the right entity selection that can maximize profit margins and minimize any tax implications. We can also provide ongoing legal assistance to help mitigate the potential for employment law disputes and other contract-related disputes.

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At Clapp Ferrucci, we have the skills and experience to represent your business no matter what your needs. Whether you need help forming your company, negotiating a contract, or protecting your financial interests during a dispute, we can help. Contact us today.

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