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Business and Real Estate Mediator

Sean M. Clapp is a registered civil mediator. His 31 years of experience as a complex business and commercial real estate litigator have shown him the immensely important role mediation can play in resolving business and commercial real estate disputes in a cost-effective manner. Sean’s practice has been somewhat unique, but it has developed skills that are critical to effectively mediating disputes. Sean has both litigated complex and novel business matters and represented clients in large and sophisticated business and real estate transactions. Sean’s litigation experience has taught him to dig deep, learn, analyze, and doggedly pursue case resolution for his client. Persistence is key. Sean has tried business and commercial real estate cases in state and federal court and argued appeals in the Indiana Court of Appeals, Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, and the Indiana Supreme Court. Sean’s transactional experience has taught him how to negotiate, be creative, and seek collaborative resolution. Sean knows how to work tirelessly to get a deal done.

Experience Matters

Sean’s business experience makes him a better civil mediator. He has experienced failure and success in business. Sean started and closed a mortgage broker company and a real estate broker company. One failed due to employee malfeasance, and one closed due to lack of business. Both were disappointing and humbling. Sean currently owns and is involved in the management of two other companies in addition to his law firm. Sean started all five businesses from scratch, so he understands the pressures and challenges of business. Sean’s experiences have taught him how to handle difficult business issues and to understand business owners’ motivations, fears, risks, and successes. Sean’s experience and understanding provide him background and context with which to have peer-level conversations with business owners and decision makers to help them process through a mediated solution.

Types of Mediation

Although there are few limits to the types of disputes which Sean may mediate (he is not registered to handle family law disputes), Sean has the most experience in the areas of business disputes (such as breach of contract, shareholder disputes, office and director liability, non-compete enforcement, and business divorce) and commercial real estate disputes (eminent domain, construction dispute, breach of lease, breach of sale contract, quiet title, foreclosure, and partition).

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Successful mediation can lay the groundwork for collaborative, non-confrontational problem solving and preserve relationships that are important to you. If you have a matter that you believe can best be handled through mediation, please contact us.

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