Purchase and Sale Agreements

Indianapolis Purchase and Sale Agreement Attorneys

If you are a business owner planning to buy or sell some of your company’s assets, we understand the importance of striking a deal and avoiding any unnecessary complications. You may have even considered entering into an agreement without legal counsel. Unfortunately, every legal contract has inherent risks. Any efforts to try and simplify the process without experienced counsel could become a costly mistake.

Representing Business and Real Estate Clients

At the law firm of Clapp Ferrucci, we are committed to mitigating your exposure to potential risks. Our Indianapolis purchase and sale agreement lawyers offer a comprehensive approach representing business and real estate clients entering into important business contracts. We have an intricate understanding of the business and real estate laws that may pertain to your purchase and sale agreement. We focus on making sure pertinent details are addressed upfront before legal agreements are made.

Some business clients and real estate clients shy away from working with attorneys thinking they could drive up the cost of their transactions or add unnecessary complications. We have more than 50 years of combined experience helping business and real estate clients avoid potential risks. Contact our purchase and sale agreement lawyers to learn how we can protect your best interests without adding unnecessary complexity to a simple transaction.

Comprehensive Purchase and Sale Agreement Services

The Indianapolis attorneys at our law firm have extensive experience handling business law and real estate transactions. We have a strong background advocating for our clients when disputes erupt. Often, business law and real estate disputes can be avoided with effective purchase and sale agreements. We are committed to helping you minimize the potential for a costly dispute down the road. We have extensive experience writing the terms of business and real estate relationships related to:

  • Business assets
  • Trademarks, licensing agreements and copyrights
  • Commercial properties
  • Residential properties

We also have a strong background resolving business disputes. Based on our comprehensive experience, we can anticipate the type of issues that can lead to bitter disputes, if not properly addressed in purchase and sale agreements. We will work with you upfront to make sure the terms of a business or real estate agreement are clearly addressed to limit your exposure to risk.

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Often business leaders and real estate professionals sign contracts thinking a fair arrangement has been made. However, without experienced legal representation, you face the risk of the purchase and sale agreement being structured to benefit the other party far more than you. We can help you avoid falling into this trap. Contact our purchase agreement attorneys to learn how we can protect your best interests before you sign anything.

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