Business Acquisitions

Business acquisitions are rarely cut and dried. Many details need to be taken into account that can address the tremendous complexity of business acquisitions and mergers. A business investment is more than just hard-hitting numbers. The people affected by a merger or acquisition need to be taken into account in order for the deal to be effective.

Tailored Approach Based on Our Clients’ Business Needs

At the law firm of Clapp Ferrucci, we have more than 50 years of combined experience handling complex business transactions. Our focus has remained consistent over the years. We do not simply crank out business contracts at the expenses of our clients. Instead, we want to understand the nature of our clients’ business and the type of company being acquired. We offer a comprehensive approach focused on making sure every detail from transition strategies to employment transfers and stockholders’ rights are taken into consideration.

We offer experienced business consulting services to mitigate the potential risks involved in acquiring a new business. Because of our litigation background, we know firsthand the type of issues left unaddressed that can lead to costly disputes. Contact our Indianapolis acquisition lawyers to learn how we can work upfront to maximize the potential of your business investment.

Laying the Groundwork for a Smart Investment

Business acquisitions are laced with inherent risks and complications. Based on our years of business law experience, we know how to identify potential roadblocks with multiple parties involved from shareholders to creditors and employees. We know the right questions to ask so potential blind spots are addressed upfront. Our acquisition lawyers work closely with our business clients to ensure critical details are covered such as:

Business acquisitions are multifaceted adding tremendous complexity to the transaction. The best investment you can make is to work with an experienced attorney who can structure the agreement by taking into account all the factors and addressing potential tax implications. We have done this for years and are committed to making this process as seamless as possible for you.

Contact Our Indiana Business Merger Attorneys

If not structured correctly, a business merger or acquisition could escalate into a costly mistake. At the law firm of Clapp Ferrucci, we have extensive experience handling business disputes throughout Indianapolis. We know what details need to be covered upfront to mitigate your company’s exposure to risk. Contact our business merger and acquisitions lawyers in Fishers, Indiana, to make sure the right steps are taken for a smart investment.

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