Business Contracts

A business agreement is only as strong as the legal contract defining the terms of the relationship. After years of experience, you may have the confidence to make deals with a simple handshake. Unfortunately, factors outside of your control could cause the agreement to be cut short. Without the safeguard of a contractual agreement, there may be little you can do to enforce the agreement.

Safeguard Your Bottom Line With Our Experience

At the law firm of Clapp Ferrucci, we believe your financial interests are far too important to not invest in experienced legal counsel. Our firm’s Indianapolis business contract lawyers have more than 50 years of combined business law experience. We know what issues left unaddressed can lead to costly disputes. We are committed to helping you mitigate the potential for liability with our experience on your side.

Because your industry is fast paced, you probably see the value of striking a deal before your competitor gets ahead of you. We can help you move quickly, while making sure all the details are covered. Contact our Indianapolis business contract lawyers to learn how we can help you put the right safeguards in place.

Experienced Business Contract Lawyers Working for You

At the law firm of Clapp Ferrucci, we have extensive experience representing small to medium-sized companies across a wide spectrum of industries in Indianapolis and throughout Indiana. We have an intricate understanding of the law, but we never make any false assumptions about the nature of your business. We offer a client-driven approach to understand what your company stands to risk if an agreement is breached. Our business law attorneys ask probing questions in an effort to anticipate the full scope of issues that need to be defined in your business contracts such as:

We understand what you have at stake because we have experience representing business clients in litigation. A misunderstanding can quickly spiral out of control based on false assumptions. We are committed to taking the guesswork out of your business relationships. We can work with you to anticipate the type of issues that need to be clearly defined so unnecessary disputes can be avoided.

Contact Our Indianapolis Non-Compete Agreement Lawyers

We understand what your company stands to lose without solid business contracts because we have decades of experience. Whether you looking to establishing a non-compete agreement or another type of business contract, we can help you avoid the potential for a dispute. Contact our business law attorneys today for consultation in Fishers, Indiana.

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