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Not every attorney plays the same role. Trial lawyers focus on proving that the facts and law support a ruling in their clients' favor based on the preponderance of evidence. Appellate attorneys seek to persuade the appellate court that the trial court ruling should be affirmed or reversed based on the trial court's evidentiary findings or application of the law. If you are looking to appeal a real estate or business law decision, do not entrust just any attorney to prove an error was made in the trial court.

CLAPP FERRUCCI prevails at the Indiana Supreme Court. Sean Clapp was successful in overturning the trial court and court of appeals in a corporate law issue of first impression under Indiana law. For a link to the Supreme Court opinion, click on:

Appealing Verdicts When Errors Are Introduced

At the law firm of Clapp Ferrucci, we have the experience necessary to advise you of your chances for success on appeal and to vigorously assert your position in the court of appeals. The attorneys at our firm have substantial experience handling appellate matters, both in bringing appeals and defending appeals.

When you select our firm, we can review the trial record and rulings to determine if you have valid grounds to pursue an appeal. You can feel confident knowing we are prepared to craft persuasive appellate briefs on your behalf and to argue orally if required or desired. Our Senior Attorney Sean Clapp has successfully argued appeals in state and federal courts of appeals and in the Indiana Supreme Court.

Even if we didn't represent you in trial, we can still protect your best interests in appellate court. We don't have to have been with you from the start to prove trial court missed something or the judge failed to apply the law correctly. Contact our appellate law attorneys to learn how we can help protect everything you have at stake.

Appealing Real Estate and Business Law Decisions

A trial decision does not have to be the final word. If a judgment was rendered incorrectly, you may have grounds to pursue an appeal. Other factors can also lead to an appeal. However, without the help of an experienced appellate attorney, your appeal may fall short.

At law firm of Clapp Ferrucci, we have extensive experience handling all facets of an appeal. Our legal team is highly skilled at researching and writing appellate briefs in business law and real estate law. Because of our extensive experience, we know the right arguments to make in pursuit of an appeal. We have the skills, legal resources and experience level to protect your best interests whether you are seeking to appeal a state or federal court's decision.

Contact Our Indiana Real Estate and Business Appeals Attorneys

You do not have to settle for a decision that was made in error. If you believe the law was applied incorrectly, contact our business or real estate appeals lawyers for an initial consultation in Fishers, Indiana. We will carefully evaluate your trial record to help you understand if you have grounds to pursue an appeal.

Sean M. Clapp

Mr. Clapp is the founding attorney of CLAPP FERRUCCI. Mr. Clapp has practiced complex business and real estate law for over 25 years.


Stephen E. Ferrucci

Mr. Ferrucci is a partner in the Law Firm of Clapp Ferrucci. Mr. Ferrucci is a business lawyer with an emphasis...